Natural, Sustainable, Ethical.

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MozziWatch Spray 75ml

Demand for naturally sourced insect repellents is growing…!

MozziWatch plant-based mosquito and tick repellent is gaining in popularity with health conscious consumers all across Europe. Our customers are mainly larger pharmacy and Biostore chains whose customer’s buying habits are shifting towards products that are sourced without damaging the natural environment and do not contain damaging chemicals such as DEET.

MozziWatch contains Citriodiol which is a Eucalyptus oil based insect repellent responsibly produced from sustainably managed plantations with net beneficial carbon footprint.

Approved by leading regulatory authorities around the world, Citriodiol is as effective as synthetic actives such as DEET and far superior to other natural alternatives.

MozziWatch is nature’s most effective insect repellent.

Demand for plant-based insect repellents is at an all-time high and, according to new research, the desire to buy “natural” is one of the biggest factors for consumers when buying insect repellents.

Natural, Sustainable, Ethical


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