Nature’s Wisdom, Backed by Science.

Citriodiol is a plant based insect repellent active responsibly produced from renewable sources with net beneficial carbon footprint.

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MozziWatch Spray 75ml

Natural, Sustainable, Ethical

Citriodiol is derived from the oil of the Eucalyptus Citriodora tree by steam distillation and enhanced through a simple conversion process.

Citriodiol is produced by mimicking and accelerating nature’s own ageing in the Eucalyptus Citriodora leaf, resulting in a highly effective active ingredient that is supported by robust data and approved by leading international authorities.

Essential Oil production is an inherently green business as the health and vitality of the soil and trees themselves play a vital role in the quality of the oil produced. Steam distillation is used to extract the oil which is an age old process using only the leaves and twigs without harvesting the entire tree.

Family friendly

Extensively tested low-toxicity profile and low-transdermal absorption properties support safe use by children and pregnant or nursing women. 

Safe for the Environment

In addition to many toxicological studies of Citriodiol to ensure product safety for consumers, rigorous environmental testing has been conducted to ensure that our product is  not harmful to the environment.

These tests have proven that Citriodiol is rapidly degradable, so will not build up to potentially harmful levels in our soils or waterways unlike many synthetic alternatives such as DEET. Citriodiol is sourced from natural GMO-free plant oil, is organic and is not toxic to birds, honey bees and other insects beneficial to the environment.

Citriodiol has been approved by ECOCERT as a raw material that meets the COSMOS standards for organic and natural ingredients. As a COSMOS approved ingredient, Citriodiol can be used in end-use products which are to be certified as COSMOS natural or COSMOS organic.

The ECOCERT approval is only given to raw materials that meet strict requirements regarding the origin of the material (eg. Not using GMOs, not endangering species) and the material must also meet strict criteria relating to the processing of the material.

US Consumer Report shows Citriodiol products as effective as top synthetic alternatives and far SUPERIOR to other natural repellents.



Laboratory and field trials show complete protection against a variety of mosquito species for up to 8 hours.


US EPA approved study (2019) demonstrates complete protection against Deer Tick, Lone Star Tick and Brown Dog Tick for up to 10 hours.


Blackwell trial (2013) found that Citriodiol based repellent with 30% concentration gives 100%

Other Insects

Provides protection from Flies (including Sand Flies and Stable Flies), Land Leeches and Head Lice.

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