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12 Principles of Green Chemistry in the production of Citriodiol:
  • Waste Prevention

    The aqueous phase is re-used for the duration of a production run, reducing the waste that has to be sent for chemical treatment.

  • Atom Economy

    Other than water, catalyst and a small amount of neutralizing agent there are no additional compounds added to the reaction.

  • Less Hazardous Chemical Synthesis

    All the chemicals used have been assessed for safety. Only one constituent is assigned a danger warning under CLP and this material is diluted to the point of no classification before use.

  • Designing Safer Chemical

    The toxicity and environmental impact of Citriodiol has been fully evaluated. It has a very safe profile.

  • Safer Solvents and Auxiliaries

    We do not use any other solvents or separation agents in order to produce Citriodiol.

  • Design for Energy Efficiency

    The temperature of the reaction is kept as low as possible. Rather than heating throughout the reaction we use short duration heating only when necessary.

  • Use of Renewable Feedstocks

    The production of the raw material EC oil is fully sustainable.

  • Reduce Derivatives

    No derivatization is used when producing Citriodiol.

  • Catalysis

    A catalyst is used in the process in order to lower the activation energy of the reaction and improve the efficiency.

  • Designing for Degradation

    The product is rapidly biodegradable.

  • Real-time Pollution Prevention

    Avoidance of direct discharge of chemicals directly to the environment is important to us. Waste is treated and condensers are used to capture any volatile material.

  • Safer Chemistry for Accident Prevention

    Citriodiol is manufactured by well trained industry professionals following approved procedures.